Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Making soap and paint

Being in africa with my team has had its ups and downs.. one of the up has been getting to know this little Scottish lass called lauren. She is simple adorable had has kept me sane :). But moving on to the post, i only have a few more weeks left in africa now and so i thought i would slowly start getting back into my normal blogging on here with a few outfit posts of what i have been wearing whilst out here and maybe if i can convince a few locals also showcase what they like to wear .

Its really hard to care about fashion, when you know you will just be getting dirty since often we are building a house or helping to make bricks to build a house.
Lauren- Rocking a pair of trousers that she designed and got made.
We can't help but take selfies since the back ground is always soo amazing.
Top- Diesel, Bag- Primark, Shoes- Primark, Trouser- H&M.
I don't think i will ever find a background as beautiful as this when i get back to England and i just really wanted to share the beauty of Rwanda with you guys. We might not look as beautiful since no makeup plus too much sun means peeling skin and dryness with a bit of sweatiness chucked
Hope you enjoying looking at some of our fashion choices though and i have been getting a few clothes made here. I have always wanted to design some stuff and i am proud of what i have so keep an eye out for that.
We wore these outfits when we went to learn how to make soap and paint at one of the self help groups that we work with so if you want to learn more about that and also have a lit bit more of an insight into what i have been doing here and what the whole experience has been like then please read my travel blog here.

I will talk to y'all soon
Issie xox


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