Friday, 5 September 2014


 Our trip is drawing to a close and so i have been doing all that i can to explore more of the city that i have spent the past ten weeks living in. The other day me and Lauren had a free afternoon and so we decided that we would go for a walk around muhanga.. take some photos and just chill out together. Man i am going to miss the girl when its time to say goodbye :(.
My outfit for the walk was really simple but at one point i wished i had worn my walking boots or even my trainers regardless of the fact that it would not have matched. You will have to excuse the bra showing in the pictures since its really hot here and most of my white tops were in the wash and this was the only one left. As per, my outfit is made out of mainly basics. i find that even when travelling or maybe especially when travel its important to ensure that your wardrobe is made up of mainly basics as this means that you and mix and match and make different outfits which out having to pack that many clothes.
I have spent the past 9 weeks now living at Azizi Life and the people here have been so welcoming its unreal. They have an online store as well here where they sell produce made by some of the self help groups around.

 We came upon this cute little bird ! Can you find it in the picture! Even as i write this i am
My Toes desperately need doing ..Shoes- Primark
This is where the locals have to work to collect water around where we live ! As you can see for one family it was washing day!
 We also went past the school where we have been teaching both the students and teacher some english communications skills and computer skills. Its been amazing teaching all our students at Gitarama and that you so much as well for being so eager to learn! The  headmistress is a lady called Grace who is determined to speak english as well as we do  or so she informs me. Seeing how determined she is, i give her a year if she carries on with her lessons.
 I have also given you a few views of the our backyard where we are lucky enough to have some lushoius green plants and a few fruits as well including mangoes and Papaya. We have even enjoyed them, hand picked for breakfast :).
I hope you have enjoyed seeing muhanga through my eyes. Like i said in terms of outfit everything is just lose and simple just because you can not be carrying too much about fashion surround by these flies and in this heat :)

I will talk to y'all soon but as always if you want to see some of the placement work i have been getting up to in the past week then please head over to my travel blog here.

Love y'all and talk to y'all soon.

Issie xox

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