Saturday, 25 October 2014

Issie does Fair ground

This blogpost is a bit late but i wanted to share a fun evening out that i had with my friends a few weeks ago. Every year  i always look forward to the fair coming to town here in Nottingham. The arrival of the rides mean that summer is officially over and autumn is upon us. They also ensure that for just one weekend a year, nottingham is a fun place to be. 
There is something for everyone at fairs, me personally i go there for the rides but i know one of the the girls i went with went there for the food and the other for the chance to win herself a big teddy bear. 
This ride was awesome.
Ok, so maybe i left out some stuff. I also go there to get my hands on candy floss. Omg i love it so much but i also love my teeth enough that i ensure that i don't go over the top and one bag is made to last at least two day. Doesn't sound like much but trust me. For me thats good!.
We desperately spend about 10 pounds here trying to pic an odd number just so we would take one of these babies home. Unfortunately it was not out night!
Englsih food would not be complete without sausage, mash and mushy peas.. everything i hate!
I really wanted to try this ride but my tattoo was still fresh and i didn't want to aggravate it so i had to give it a miss but i can't wait until next year.
I loved the fair so much that i now want to go to either Alton Towers or Thorpe Park sometime soon. Maybe it could even be my birthday event come March. i think its better value for your money for someone who is so into rides that i spent over 40 pounds on just a few ones that weekend. And they weren't even the best available.. Is anyone else like me? What is your fav ride and what you you advice Thorpe Park or Alton Towers?

I will talk to y'all soon and love ya.
Issie xox

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