Monday, 20 October 2014

My Print

 Hi guys so i have had a bit of a break from blogging. It was a much needed  break simply because of the amount of work that i had to do for uni. Law school is hard work guys. But i am sure that it will all be worth it. So i thought  i would share with you all some pictures from my laptop memory that i haven't as yet had a chance to share yet.
I am sure y'all remember me telling you how i had a few clothes made for me which i personally designed and picked out fabric and material for and well this is one of them. There was something about this print which i simply fell in love with as as soon as i saw it and when i managed to bargain it down form £7 to £3, i had to buy it. It would have been a shame not too.
If you know anything about me its my love of all things black and white..It was that , that drove me to this fabric. I love the pops of pink and green in the fabric as well and looking back i wish i had brought more of it so i could make some more cool outfits.
Earrings- Topshop, Sunglasses- Flannels, Dress- By Issie, Shoes- Primark, Backpack- Primark
I wore this outfit for my first day at uni. I pared it with my pumps and primark black rucksack. I love the glasses that i am wearing with this outfit as well.I bought them from a shop here in nottingham called Fannels and they have quickly become fast favourites.
On a little side note. I love autumn so much.The look of the leaves all over the floor and the different colours as well are just so pretty and make sore an awesome back shot as well..What do you guys think? Whats your favourite seasons guys. Mine has to be autumn, not just the clouds and fallen leaves but the outfits that we wear as well. Its the perfect time to layer up and not yet cold enough to  loose the will to get up simply because you want to keep warm. 

I will talk to y'all soon and i hope you are all having a lovely weekend as well.
Love Issie xox

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