Wednesday, 22 October 2014

New in: Fashion and Beauty #1

Just  a few of the things that i have recently added to my collection in terms of beauty and Fashion. Since i have been slowing losing weight (yayyyyy) and selling old stuff on depop and ebay so its kind  of cheat buys since i am using that money to buy new stuff.
I was recently in town between lecture when i walked into this random hair shop  just to have a mooch around. The polishes were there on sale for £1 each and i just couldn't resist. I picked up these five colours which are not really autumnal but.. i like them. Mini review- So far i have tried the neon white. I love white nails and so i could resist it. Whilst  it has really good staying power, it took so long to dry. I normally wear all black as well so i am excited to try out the lilac and blue in winter since it will be  a nice pop of colour.
Ok, so i went a little bit crazy in M.A.C, in my defence though most of the purchases were re-buys. Essentials that i simply cannot live without.I also picked up a new foundation from Lancome and ohh my gosh. I am actually tempted to do a blog review on this cos this foundation is amazing! It gives light- medium coverage and is also completely guidable for those who like a more flawless look. And its so light and airily on the skin if feels as if you have nothing on. It is a little bit pricey though at £36 pounds but... so worth it. I repurchased the M.A.C blusher in Amber rose, studio finish concealer in NC30  and the Mineralize Skin finish in Deep Dark. Picked up the Cyber and Lovelorn lipsticks which i love!!!
I have never actually bought any makeup from H&M but when i was in there the other week, i came across this natural smoke eye palette. The colours were amazing so i just picked it up.Plus it was on sale for £1 so. No harm no foul.
The eye palette from H&M.
Cyer and Lovelorn- with flash
Ok, so we all know i am in love with wearing sunglasses. I am one of those people who carries a pair in her handbag just in case the sun come out. I picked up these ones recently and i love them.The white and black with gold edging i actually pictured up on ebay for only £3.50. And the Wired ones came from Flannels.
I saw this dress, fell in love and bought it. Do i have anyway to wear it ? No! Did that stop me buying it? Nope! But seriously how amazing is this dress. And for just £13 pounds.  And then i also picked up some basic essentials for winter including two thin jumpers and this lovely white sweatshirt.
How perfect are the colours in this scarf. I love love it so much and it has to be my number one most worn item  so far this autumn and i see this carrying through to winter.

What have you guys bought recently? Anything that you would recommend?

Love y'all and now its time to hit my property law so i will talk to y'all soon.
Issie xox

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