Friday, 31 October 2014

Over Exposed.

Nottingham is full of some nice sometimes quirky little shops that you would not find in other big cities and this vintage shop that i visited yesterday is a perfect example. It has some awesome stuff at really good prices. They even have a little cafe downstairs were they serve fresh and often organic locally farmed produce. I was really good during my visit there and only bought one thing. Keep an eye out for my next haul as i will feature it.
Top- Primark, Trousers- Dorothy Perkins, Cardigan- H&M, Backpack- Primark (similar) , Shoes- Topshop
Since it was halloween and i love wearing all black on the best of days i decided to just roll with it and just do dark everything. I love the lipstick  i am wearing its M.A.C Cyber. Its so good since even when i put it on first thing in the morning i never have to reapply it at all and it lasts all day.
I havent worn my black roses lace tshirt in months now but it suits the occasion perfectly now. I am a bit more exposed than i would normally be but surprisingly i didn't feel too self conscience. I hope you have all had a good halloween and i will catch you at the weekend.

I love y'all and talk to ya soon.
Issie xox.

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