Sunday, 19 October 2014

Week in Pic #2

Past few weeks have been so hectic  but that doesn't stop me from instagraming (new word alert). One thing that has stood out for me though these past few weeks  had to be discovering Bills. The food there is amazing and coming from a vegetarian who normally doesn't like burger joint and diners. I love Bills. The hummus and Halloumi burger is awesome. The sweet potato fries are nice as well, the only thing i would change is that i would have the sweet potato fries baked rather than deep fried.
Highlights: Ohh something major happened as well. I got my new tattoo which i have been wanting to get for so long, i just had to decided where i wanted to get it. Its healing nicely now and i can't wait until its totally healed.

Ok so i have been loving myself a little bit too much as is evident in the amount of selfies i have. Me and my fellow law school students had a massive night out and omg i discovered that clubbing is no longer for me. It was my brothers birthday as well and he came down from Warwick so i did what an amazing sister would do and took him shopping and to Bills as well. I then made a big boo boo and ordered a massive Asos order which i so can't afford right now but... guilty i am addicted to shopping. Sue me!

Ohh my new bestie and uni mum Mama G aka Angie took me to Chaitime for us to get some bubble tea, which i have missed so much since moving back to nottingham. I also thought that i was time pull out the big fur hat as well, since it is starting to get a bit nippy.. I have also got myself onto depot and have been selling some of my stuff including these amazing Topshop and Zara Boots. My name there is Isssie if you want to check me out. Hope you have enjoyed seeing a bit of my life though my insta pics.

I will talk to y'all soon and happy sunday guys.

Issie xox


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