Monday, 29 December 2014

Crop Me Not

 Everytime you step into a shop these days it seems as if every other top you come across is crop this and crop that. Its almost as if the world has forgotten that not all of us are comfortable showing our stomachs nor do we want to. Some of us want to dress a bit more conservative and not just flaunt everything that our mamas gave us. Though there is nothing wrong with wearing crop tops it just nice when we had options.
The crop problem has meant that many of us fashionista have had to think up ways to wear the crop tops whether its with our topshop Joni jeans or a high waisted midi skater skirt. 
I wore todays outfit for christmas days and it was everything that a christmas outfit should be. It was cozy, festive (jumper+ christmasday= christmas jumper). I then decided to put on this lovely crop top that i recently got from river island and voila my outfit was complete. Add on my favourite topshop wedged boots and it was magnifique if i say so myself.
So what do you guys think of my not so cropped way of wearing my new crop top. I have to say i prefer the dress with the crop top than without now that i have seen it this way and it will also look lovely worn with a white shirt over some black skinny jeans and stroppy sandals. Maybe that could be my new years outfit depending on what i end up doing. I want to hear your thoughts though so please leave a comment. I hope this finds you all well and y'all enjoying your holidays.

Love y'all and talk to you soon 
Issie xox.


  1. I like your outfit...and your blog also!

    1. Thanx so much Marja. I love discovering new blogs so excited to explore yours. Xo

  2. Beautiul!
    Nice post dear! :-)))
    Follow back please :-)

    1. Thanx sanja and I am coming over to your blog now. Xo

  3. so lovely
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  5. we love genius layering, so we are obsessed with how you were that cropped vest over your sweater dress! so cute.

    M + K

    1. Girls thanx so much and I have started to appreciate layering now as as its so cold here . Xox


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