Saturday, 27 December 2014

Follow me Around #5

I know that i am always apologising for the unintentional blog breaks that i keep taking but law school is a pain and it gets so busy that i just can't find the time to take my blog pictures or even find anyone to take them for me. I wanted to share an outfit that i wore over the christmas holidays when i went shopping to buy some christmas presents and also went to lunch with one of my ladies.
I kept my outfit really basic and wore my new long camel coat and i feel that the fact that it was a turtle neck meant that the outfit looked more dressy that it actually was. Plus as you all know here on Issie's Vision, you can never go wrong with all black.
Coat- Vintage, Similar, Top- ASOS , Trousers - H&M, Shoes - Primark, Rings- Esty
My shortness is not even a joke as you can tell from the above pictures. How bitchy do we look in this picture After having fun taking the perfect selfie we went to bills and for once i listened to my body and went gluten free by having the humous with a range of vegetables as my started and then having the halloumi and humous burger without the bun. Though as you can see from the picture, it meant that i paid £10 for bits of salad so maybe not the best ideas.Nevertheless, the halloumi was divine and so it was worth it in the end. Chichi, had risotto which i was so jealous over but there is always a next time right :)
After all the excitement of bill we decided to have a wonder around the christmas market were, we partook in a cheeky mulled actions before hitting the Moroccan stand which was full of colour and life. Though i had a mild argument in french with the man there for the prices he was charging people. He did offer us jobs if were ever wanted to go to Marrakech so i guess some good came of I know what i will fall back on if law fails.

 Christmas has come and gone and i hope you all had a lovely time whatever you were doing on the day and that the new year bring some amazing things for all of us. I am going to sign g
off now really quickly since i still need to squeeze in some Solicitors Accounts revision today if i am going to enjoy myself tomorrow.
But i love y'all and talk to y'all soon.
Issie xox

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  1. very nice post. nice outfit,love the coat :) looking gorgeous girl!
    very inspiring blog.
    lets follow eachother! just let me know and I will follow back :)



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