Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Black Again

Happy new year everyone. This is my first post of 2015 which is just crazy. Life seems to be moving a little too fast for my liking at the moment but  its just means that i have to be a bit more on my game i guess as i dont have time to be wasting.lol.
How has the new year been for you guys though, Myself i started it off stressing about work and  exams and so far i have done two of them one being Solicitors accounts which just about finished me off what with all the maths involved. Fingers crossed i did enough to pass though.
Sunglasses- Sheinside, Top- H&M, Leather skirt- River Island, Shoes- H&M, Clutch- Handmade Depop.

 I just loved this photo so much i simply had to share it.
Ok so getting down to the outfit business.I have been loving this long tshirt split top/dress. It can be worn bit more dressy uppy like i have in these pictures or you can just wear some skinny black jeans and some brogues and you are good to go. As you can all expect my outfit is all black but i have given up even trying to justify it now. The other day someone told me that everyday i look as if i am going to a funeral. But i can't help it. i just lovely neutrals and i dont really tend to wear a lot of colour. 
The bag i have is handmade and simply amazing as it fits so much in and is perfect for both day and night use.
I am off to uni now though so i will talk to y'all soon and its a bit late but HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Issie xox


  1. i love that top! xx


  2. Really great post! I like your top!
    Visit my blog dear!

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