Monday, 16 March 2015

La vie est belle

La vie est belle- Boots.

Five stars for everything, it's got the sweetness, spiciness, freshness and makes a balance in between these. The design of the bottle and even the name is perfect. I adore gourmand perfumes and this is no exception. It smells divine, sweet with hints of chocolate and vanilla, completely delicious and mouthwatering, I could not stop smelling myself when I first put it on and i kept getting complements everywhere i went and some of my friends even went and bought it for themselves as well.

It's multifaceted so it's not linear like straight sugar or just vanilla, you can definitely smell the patchouli, the vanilla, and some fruit. It is strong so I can understand why  some people might not like it but i find that i just need a few sprays in the morning and it lasts all night and even when I spray at night  in the mornings there is still a lingering smell.It's a very feminine and fun fragrance, definitely recommend.

If you guys have a chance then definitely try and get a sniff as its so delicious and trust me you will be thanking me but your bank account will be hating me. Its £51.50 for 50ml and  right now i am just hoping it last forever since i don't ever want it to finish.

What is your favourite spring scent? I will talk to y'all soon and would love to hear from you as well.
Love ya 
Issie xox

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