Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Make it a Big One

This is me in a nutshell :). Thanx Ashley :)
Ashley wanted to do her own ootn.
It was my birthday last week and i can't believe that i am now 24. Makes me want to cry just a little bit i am not going to lie. Can't believe that next year i will be 25. I remember like it was just yesterday i was turning 16 and going to lunch and dinner with my school friends. This year i spend that day at the gym and spa with my friend Chichi (thank you so much hun) and then went out for dinner. ( a sure sign of maturity if i do say so myself.)

But it was an excuse to dress up and catch up with some friends that i haven't seen in a while. We decided ( I demanded) to go for Japanese as i was just craving sushi, miso soup and ramen. And Bonzai in nottingham did not disappoint. 6 sushi pieces for £3.50 means that its fast become a new favourite of mine.

After dinner since it was a school night everyone had to leave and go back home but me and ash decided to hit the town (one bar, seriously getting old here ). We went to Pit and Pendulum which is a a rock pub setting and i swear we were judged for being loud and taking about millions of pictures trying to find the perfect selfie. The Cocktails did help me feel less self conscious though and at the end of the night i was hurting so much from laughing so it was the perfect ending to my perfect day.

My outfit was really simple as well and as you guys know. When in doubt, wear black and white.

I will talk to y'all soon and love ya
Issie xox


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