Saturday, 7 March 2015

New In: Evolution

The other day when i was in town i walked past evolution and saw that it was closing down and every thing in store was now...Half price and by everything i mean even the fixtures and fittings were being sold off. I love a more ethereal look for my home deco and evolution never fails to deliver.

If you are into you candles and incense like i am, then i would definitely recommend you popping into your nearest evolution and check out  whats the have. I love my Buddha's and have a small collection growing and even have buddha rings and earrings and i just couldn't walk away from this buddha incense burner nor the Buddha white statue. I am very much an all white and pastel decor type of  girl and so i know that even when i move out (again) i will be taking these pieces with with.

I also picked up the glass photo frame. ( haven't got round to adding my picture yet) As it is mirrored, it will makes my room look bigger as its a reflection surface and arghh finally for my coup. It has to be the two candles. I wish i had bought more now because they smell Devine. I love the smell of cinnamon and vanilla and when i burn these they leave my room smelling heavenly. Its has been actually motivating me to do more work so maybe i found the secret to success. ( a better smelling room).lol

I will talk to y'all soon and love ya
Issie xox

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