Sunday, 29 March 2015

IssieTravels: Whats in my Bags City Break edition.

Issie does Amsterdam..

Its that time of year that I wish was everyday for me. I am travelling again. So back in February me and 3 of my friends from uni decided that we needed a break and we decided on Amsterdam. Its cheap, cheerful and not too far and for 4 broke students its perfect.  I have been to amsterdam before and i love the city.  The museums, architecture and fashion there is simply to die for.
I wanted to share with you guys what i pack for a 3 days trip. I have gotten really good at packing light and i am quite proud of taking the basic minimal but finding different  outfits whilst travelling. 

What to take in main bag:
  • Toiletries as well as shower shoes and towel  √
  • 4 Basic shirt- Black, white, striped and grey   √
  • Two bottoms: Harem Jumpsuit + skinny jeans√
  • Accessories: Hat, Jewellery and Sunglasses    √
  • Two pairs of Footwear: Ankle boots and trainer √
  • LBD- Must have                                               √√
  • Leather Jacket                                                   √
  • Camera                                                              √ 

Whats in my Handbag:
  • Bottle of water √
  • Passport           √
  • Phone              √
  • Pen and notepad √
  • Currency          √
  • Nuts for snacking √
  • Lip balm √
What i carry in my hand bag is very similar to what i would normally carry except i don't take my big purse. I tend to always leave all my cards at home bar one which i carry with my id in a card holder. This is to protect me just in case i get mugged or lose my purse whilst abroad.

 So thats what my bags normally looks like when i travel for a short city break. Hope that helps you if you ever have trouble packing and i find that if i do a check list it means that i tend not to forget anything essential and life is simplified.Let me know how you get on and what you normally take with you for a short break!

I am off to Amsterdam now but keep an eye out for when i come back in about 4 days time :).

Talk to y'all soon and Love ya
Issie xox

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