Friday, 10 April 2015

IssieTravels: Amsterdam

As a belated birthday trip me and some uni friends went to Amsterdam last week and it was so much fun. The laughs that we had over those 4 days were enough to last me a But serious Amsterdam is one of those cities where is just fun to just walk around and enjoy the scenery. The architecture there is so good and rather than take pictures of us or myself around town (this was my third/fourth visit there) i decided to actually remember the building around me as well. The quality of the pictures is not too great, there is something iffy with my camera atm as its not focusing. If anyone can help me with this then please do. I have the Canon D700 with the kit lens.

We managed to get a pictures with the I AMSTERDAM sign when it wasn't too busy but the fact that it was cold and windy might have helped as well.
Red Light district saw the boys trying to find a 'girlfriend'.
Where ever I go, I always have to buy souvenirs. I tend to collect shot glasses from all the cities I have been too and also fridge magnets for both the family fridge and my own future What do you guys normally collect as souvenirs when you go places. A friend of mine once accused me of being a hoarder as i keep on buying things for my future house. I means I am not going to be living at home with my parents forever and  my style is pretty simplistic and minimalist so it shouldn't go out of style.
Self Explanatory 
What surprised my friends when we went to the coffee shops  was the fact that though people were allowed to actually smoke cannabis inside the coffee shops  but like the majority of the world, it was still prohibited to smoke cigarettes in doors. What do you guys think of this law? Is any type of smoke smoke or is the law fine as it is?
There are so many bikes around Amsterdam and I don't know if this is in my head but I think the air is definitely fresher there due to the fact that they are kinder to the environment and so do not omit too much CO2. Most of the pictures that one takes of Amsterdam as well make the perfect postcard as its just so picturesque.
After wondering around the city and eating at my favourite restaurant/ cafe. It was time to herd back to the harbour and catch our ship back to the Uk. ARGHH due to bad weather there was a three hour delay but the swaying of the boat meant that i had the best sleep i have had since i was in my mother womb. NO JOKE! Amsterdam was amazing and I made some fantastic new memories but now its time to explore other cities in the world that I haven't been to and so it might be a little while before I return.
  Stay tuned for the next post as I will be sharing with you a review of the aforementioned restaurant/Cafe.

I will talk to y'all soon.
Love ya
Issie xo


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