Wednesday, 8 April 2015

IssieEats: Trip to Bills

Yesterday one of my brothers treated me to a day out to town for lunch and a spot of shopping. Its so nice now that my brother is all grown up seeing as how when we were younger we used to fight like cats and dogs. Is it just me? I mean we were always there for each other but a day never went by that one of us wasn't shouting and the other crying. But thats the beauty with family, when you need them there are there for you no matter what.
Top- Zara, Bag- Zara, Jeans- ASOS, Birkenstock.
 I tried to convince him to take some good outfit shots but he was not having it and this was the best I managed to get. After deliberating over where to go for lunch we finally settled on bills since we knew that I could eat something nice and so could he. I really wanted to go to Delilah or Alley Cafe but him being him he was not feeling the healthy veggie options.Though he could not be convinced to do the candle light
Lunch was lovely. For starters we shared some spiced tortilla chips. I have to say though, they are not the best I have ever had. I didn't realise that they were fried and so they were a lot greasier than I expected but the salsa and other dips were yummy.
My brother being the typical male decided to have the ribs and he said 'although they were some of the best ribs he has had, they didn't have enough meat on them'. SO hear hear Bills. You don't have enough meet you on your ribs!
As always I had the Hallumi and Hommus Burger, with sweet potato fries. Ohhh how I love this meal so much. It was so juicy and sweet and salted and just heaven on earth. Nothing I can bring myself to complain about at all.
Gimme Gimme Gimme that burger now.
The sun was out so after our heavy lunch we decided (I pushed him to take me) to go to the park so relieve some old memories. Spring is finally here and with it, my hopes and dreams are soaring. We all need to remember to stop and smell the roses or in my case the daffodils. I recently received some really bad news thats i have been struggling to deal with but it has also made me realise that life is too short and you have to work hard to make your dreams happen.
I hope you all had a lovely easter break as well and enjoyed catching in with me and seeing what I have been getting up to with my family. The Pictures from Amsterdam will be up soon though I have to confess the pictures were all ruined since my camera decided to malfunction and make them all burred! I mean come on!!
I need to do some research for my dissertation now so I will talk to y'all soon.

Love ya 
Issie xox


  1. i love potatoes... calling me right now

  2. Ugh the food....looks so good ! nice pictures :)


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