Friday, 1 May 2015

African Print

Top- Zara, Trousers- DesignerbyIssie (DBI), Shoes- Primark, Bag- Vintage

Just a quick outfit post today. I designed and got these printed trousers made last summer whilst i was in travelling and volunteering in Rwanda. I fell in love with the print the moment i saw it and as well getting these trousers made i had enough fabric to get a dress made. Though as soon as i got home mother dearest decided that it would fit her better than me and so i gave it to her as a present.  
I love wearing them now that spring/summer is here and they are so prefect since they fit right in with my wardrobe. They make a statement without being too loud and i just want to get more and more printed trousers made. Or I can do what normal people do and buy a
  I love pairing them with simple scrappy black heels and a basic top and i find that this allows them to tell their story . How would you guys style them? I wore this camera bag i found at a vintage fair as a handbag and i think it works. Its is in such good condition as well so yay me :)
Ohh and happy bank holiday weekend everyone. My exams are soon again so rather than BBQ i think i might start revision organisation  this weekend :(. I will talk to y'all soon.

Love ya
Issie xox


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  1. I really like your trousers Your design is really nice and the colour is Wow!
    U look amazing and I like your blog
    Shareena xx


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