Tuesday, 26 May 2015

IssieTravels: Norwich

Ladies Day 
Are you enjoying that Ruphina?
Chinwe Holding Court
Sex and the City anyone?
So in my last blog post i was telling you guys about how I went to norwich over the last weekend I had free and though I had an amazing time with my girlies, Norwich is not the city for me . At least not for now. I love a more lively city and I have to say most of the people I met there were so rude :(. 

But it was a lovely and amazing experience seeing all my girlies again as it has been months since we were all together. I can't believe I have only known them for a year as they have seen me at my worst and hopefully best and I think travelling and Volunteering together in Rwanda last summer definitely bonded us together quickly. Living without luxuries we were forced to actually talk to each other, lean on each other and support each other as well as we were all that we had. Thank you so much girls.
We started off our time in Norwich by hitting up M&S and having what I like to call a city picnic right in the city centre at a lovely park that we found. After that it was time to hit the pavement and explore discovering the vintage square (personal favourite) and the norwich lanes where we all walked in the tattoo parlour convinced we were going to come out tattooed and pierced but sadly that did not happen.
After munching away our life savings in Wagamama we went back to our hotel and got ready for the night out. I have to say those hours spent drinking and getting ready are my favourite on a night out. The pictures speak for themselves as well, as you can see we had a lot of fun letting out hair down and luckily i don't get hangovers so i was good to go the next day.
Until next time ladies, I love y'all and I will speak to y'all soon.

Issie xox

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