Monday, 25 May 2015

Motivation Monday

Recently I have been Struggling to stay motivated and focused. I am constantly stressing over the smallest things and trying to prioritise my life is proving difficult. I have never been so busy. I have my exams to think about, dissertation and also trying to find a job after I graduate. 

I hope that I am not the only one who sometimes feels overwhelmed, over work and pretty damn sick and tired of her life. I am constantly thinking of what I need to do and spend so long writing my daily lists that now my list have lists. Its feels like as soon as I tick something off, 2/3 things get added on. Plus I spend time making list and start to regret it feeling like its time wasted but I can only work off lists.

Most of the time I am on top of things both personal and professional but these last few months have proven to be challenging. I think the fact that I have been in education without a break since I was about 5 is finally starting to catch up with me as well and the fact that in 3 weeks time I will be done is finally hitting me and making me panic a bit about my life. I mean I have been doing the same thing for 19 years now and its been something that I was good at but soon I will hopefully be a practising solicitor and that in it self is both a new adventure but its also scary starting the unknown.

I am currently revising for my last three exams now and  think I just needed a break today and wanted to have a little rant and get things off my chest and hopefully if there is anyone else going through the same thing, they will know they are not alone and we are in this together. I finish in under 3 weeks now and i can't wait to get a break and hopefully a job!!

I love y'all and i will speak to you soon.
Issie xox


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