Sunday, 3 May 2015

Sunday Thought : Secrets Of A Middle Child

Ok, so I am a middle child and for the majority of my 20 something years on this earth every time I have acted out or rebelled against something I have heard whispers of ohh she is showing the classic signs of middle child syndrome. All my middle children know about this! and but for you only, firstborn and baby children let me explain what they syndrome is.Because the oldest is the first born and typically an over achiever , they are the most important and get the most privileges. They get undivided attention from overeager parents whilst the younger sibling is the 'baby' of a family get more freedom and special treatment whilst getting away with more as well as being the most looked-after. Meanwhile, the  middle child is just there squeezed between  siblings and having trouble finding their 'niche' in the family.So I  looked at the characteristic of a middle child and they include

  • Misbehaving to get attention ( Cant say I have ever done this)
  • Going with the flow (I will take this one)
  • Working as little as possible (No way is this me)
  • Being less parent-dependent than their siblings (Yass all those times my sister ran crying to my parents :/)
  • Becoming the 'Loner' of the family (Mixed feeling about this one)
  • Playing the Peacemaker (:/) etc
So looking at the list of characteristics I am not doing that well as a middle child. But that just looking at the bad things associated with being a middle child. Middle children actually poses a secret power , since they don't get that much attention they are more independent and think outside the box. Since we occupy less attention it means that we have less pressure to conform and are a lot more empathetic making us good defence lawyers which is  a massive yay for me :).Its not just first borns who are driven, middles are as well and they are more oriented to principle and concepts like justice, (once again yay for me since I am at law school atm).Ok, so you are probably wondering why the hell is Issie bring this up. Well the other day someone asked me what I was and when I replied 'A middle child' they said ohh that explain it. It bothered me a bit so I looked it up and decided to take control. Rather than look at the negative side of being a loner, quite  and possibly lazy ( anyone who knows me knows this is not true), I choose to look at middle children as being social beings and often spending time with their friends. Whilst yes we might seem secretive or withdrawn, to our chosen family we are the life of the party! We take charge and establish our own circle and maybe arguably rely heavily on friends but that not a negative reaction to family life that just life.But I just want to know that you guys think. Do our family positions relate to the jobs we are drawn to and how we interact with people and what had growing up in the position you have grown up influenced your relationships?. And for you middle children out there, Would you say you agree with the characteristic  listed about?It was just a quick sunday thought i wanted to share with you guys. I hope that where ever you are you are enjoying the may bank holiday weekend and talk to t'all later.Love YaIssie xox

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