Wednesday, 10 June 2015

IssieShops: Summer Mini Haul

Watch- Ebay, Phone case- Ebay, Necklace- Depop(Similar)
I am so broke at the moment what with me being an unemployed young person now (mixed emotions) but I treated myself to some stuff to celebrate me finishing exams and also to cheer my up since I have been having some personal Struggles recently. I am slow to join the band waggon but I fell in love with this marble phone case for my iPhone6 and I simply had to get it. Its so lush and simple and just me.  
I dnt really know when it happened but I looked over my jewellery the other day and realised that I only have silver now and dainty ones at that. There was a time when i was all about the gold but nope now I love Silver. I feel like it goes more with my elegant simplistic style. I picked up the  Silver grandpa watch from eBay and these necklaces for a steal. 

Top- ASOS, Shoes- Office (SOLD OUT), Bra- Similar
Thank you thank you thank you is all I am hearing from my boobs these days since buying this unpadded bra. If you have big boobs like me then I would recommend buying underwired non padded bars. They are so comfortable and make my boobs feel like they don't weight 20 pounds each. Plus I am loving grey for the summer months. I picked up this forever t-shirt from ASOS and its so flowwy and the material is heavenly that I have decided that I definitely need to get the white and black as well. Now do you see why I need a job? I also saw these low heeled pumps from Office on sale for £18 pounds and simply had to snag them. They will be perfect for an all grey look I am wanting to style but also for the office when I do finally get the job since they are so comfortable.
I have really gotten back into my pandora jewellery and when I saw that they had a sale on I decided to treat myself to a few new charms for my second bracelet. I really want to get the essence bracelet and start that collection as well but that will have to wait until I get myself a Job!! I picked up the flower with the Grey April stone as its my dad birthday stone :) and also the Rabbit simply because it reminded me of Alice in Wonderland and its one of my favourite books.
Rabbit- Pandora (SOLD OUT), Grey Flower- Pandora
 I am off to fill in more job applications so I can start saving and treating myself again as I forgot what joy and happiness I actually get from treating myself to something nice and well deserved. Am I the only one or are there other like me out there?
I will talk to y'all soon though and love y'all
Issie xox

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