Friday, 19 June 2015

Red Coat + Speedy

Rediscovering my Speedy
 So the last time we spoke it was nice and sunny but this being the UK it decided to turn cloudy again and so it was time to bring out a coat . My best friend got this for me for my birthday for just £7 and it was a steal. Its gorgeous and so warm though i have to worry that it will bubble really easily. Thank you ChiChi.
Top- River Island(Similar), Jumpsuit- Depop (Similar) Shoes- ASOS (Similar), Bag- LV, Sunglasses- Flannels (Similar), Coat- Gift (Similar), Necklace- Topshop (SOLDOUT)

Just look at those chubby chubby cheeks. On my lips i am wearing MAC ltd ed Ronnie Red.
I decided to pair it with my harem jumpsuit and I rediscovered my love for the speedy. I remember when I bought this years ago I was so happy and excited since it was my first ever designer handbag. I haven't worn/ used it in years now, but I was going through my wardrobe looking for things to sell and having a closet clear out when I came across it and its back to being a favourite again. Its such a classic everyday bag as you can fit most things in including my iPad which I use on the go for things. 
The black simple strapped heels made an appearance and OMG my favourite Flannels Sunglasses. 

I am currently sitting here in bed so ill. I had the worst hay-fever this week and I think its leading into a cold because  my puffy eyes, sore throat and irritated runny noise can't just be from hay-fever or at least I hope not. I am also contemplating what my next tattoo should be. I know what I want, I am just not sure on the location. As a solicitors I can't really have visible tattoos as its not professional so I just need to find a location I am happy with. After all its Location Location Location.

I will talk to y'all soon and hope you guys have an amazing weekend.
Love ya
Issie xox


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