Monday, 8 June 2015

The Naked Truth

 Let it Got....
I don't really want to delve too much as its a close and personal issue but i really wanted to vent a little and talk to someone. I hope that is ok. If you know me then you know that I am a sharer and I pretty much wear heart on my sleeve. I always try to share myself or whatever I have with others be it my time or even my knowledge, money, commitment whatever. This is the kind of person I am and I am happy with this. My best friend often tells me that I am too trusting since I give everyone the benefit of the doubt.

Now that I am growing up though I am learning that though it is hard sometimes you have to let go of some relationships and say enough is enough in order for you to have some mental stability and growth. The reality is that giving your all and always being open and giving  doesn't necessarily mean that you will be getting the same from those around or even that they appreciate what you do and who you are as a person. It is ok to keep on giving but just don't expect others to be the same. The world is a hard  and harsh place and you just have to accept it and try not to let it ruin you. I do not want to be a closed off person who is mistrustful and angry all the time and I am just struggling at the moment I guess. I do not regret any of the choices I have made to get me where I am today but rather I appreciate the lessons that the results have provided me with.

Rather than looking at the negative side of my traits I am trying to be grateful that my openess and 'naivety' for lack of a better word has shaped me out to be the person I am now and has brought some amazing people in my life who support me in times of darkness.

Ok, Mini rant over and thanx for bearing with my whilst I had my moment.This weekend I really struggled mentally and I am just hoping and praying that with a new week I can find a way to grow stronger without losing my sense of self in the process. I hope this post makes sense but I just needed to let it out and vent.

I will talk to y'all soon and I hope that everyone in England is enjoying these summer days that the heat wave has brought along.

Love y'all 
Issie xox


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