Friday, 12 June 2015

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Body Confidence

Not been feeling body confident recently. For some reason (not some reason know why) when I have exams I always tend to put on soo much weight and unfortunately for me its always just before the summer holidays. I wasn't really feeling any of the pictures I took for my Blog posts but in the end I decided what the heck. We all have those days and no one is perfect. So yes I do know I have put on weight but I am back on my fitness journey both in terms of diet and exercise and hopefully I
 will be seeing results soon.
Sunglasses- Ebay, Dress- DesigneredbyIssie, Watch- Ebay, Shoes- ASOS(Similar)

There was a time when I lived in smock dresses and never wore jeans and I decided to go back to those roots. I had just spent a good three and a half hours working in my allotment( blogpost to follow) and the sun was out so I thought why not dress up a bit and just got for wine and picnic with my little brother since we both had the afternoon free. My legs loved getting a bit of sun as well. 
Everyone is always telling me to wear some colour so this one is for you. I also designed and got this dress made whilst in Africa and it turned out so well that I am happy with it. Perfect colours for my skin tone as well so #happyIssie.
I used MAC up the amp for some colour on my lips to get this look then I just used my carmex to keep them moisturised. I have been loving a mauvey nude lips with simple natural makeup and up the amp gives me the perfect colour.
I hope you guys have all been enjoying the summer days that we have been having here in the UK. Its the start of the weekend so I am ecstatic though I am off to an interview for an internship role so wish me luck and I will talk to y'all soon.

Love ya 
Issie xox



  1. Hello how are you ... I loved your blog... you have a unique talent ... therefore continues even now if you can just pass the there in my blogger .... I thank you in advance for your attention .... follow me kisses ..

  2. follow to follow?
    let me know!!


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