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IssieEats: Organic Easy Vegetarian Meals

My parents have an allotment and last year I suddenly got involved in it and I love it so much. Its time when me and my dad can just chill and hang out and also produce some fresh organic homegrown vegetables. Being vegetarian and only liking to eat organic can be expensive but I have found a way to make it more affordable. Its also good exercise.

 The Stews 
The hard work is finally paying off in the allotment and we have been busy with harvesting out veg. We have already dried and hung all the garlic and majority of onions and have over 100kg of potatoes already so its been fun using the products in my meals at home. I try to always cook whatever I have harvested in the garden that day and since its always different I have had some really nice yummy meals.
  • Potato and Quorn sausage, Mushroom and Broccoli 

  1. This one is really simple to do, I boiled the potatoes and then when they started to soften I added the broccoli to the pot and once cooked I drained it and put it to the side.
  2. Golden the garlic and onion, add the quorn sausages then add a can of chopped tomato and some chopped chestnut mushrooms and let it boil then simmer to reduce the sauce
  3. Once cooked, simply add the potatoes and broccoli and mix to have this nice healthy tasty vegetarian meal.
  • Lentil, Bell pepper, Onions , Garlic and Mushroom with Broccoli 
  1. Put the lentils in cold water and keep over night in the water
  2. In a pan , golden the garlic and Onion then added any veg and the lentils and add a can of tomato, meanwhile stem the broccoli (I like mine still crunchy)
  3. Once the cause has reduced just dish up and its ready to eat.
The Salads

  • Quorn Chicken and Boiled Eggs
  1. So simple, Just chop up all the things that you want in you salad and bout the eggs then mixed it all together
  2. I always add black pepper to my salad in fact all my foods so that what you can see on the top.
  3. Then fry some chicken or in my case some quorn chicken to get that hit of protein.

  • Poached egg, Veggie Burger with Sunflower Seeds 
  1. I started by roasting my almond nuts and sunflowers seeds. I wanted then salty so I added the juice of had a lemon mixed with sold onto the pan and omg where they flavoured. 
  2. I always did some Bun less burgers to get some protein and dont worry guys it was quorn.
  3. The I had some poached egg cos I just love eggs so much .lol.

  • Avocado, Cherry Tomatoes, Sunflowers Seeds and Blueberries
  1. Simple salad leaved topped with sunflower seeds, blueberries and some yummy avocado .

The Snacks:
  • Roasted Sunflower Seeds
  • Fresh Coconut water  and pieces  

The I have nothing in the Fridge
  • Quinoa with mixed Veg and Avocado and Mozzarella 

This was just amazing and is now a favourite as I absolutely love mozzarella , avocado and quinoa.
  • Steamed Spinach, Roasted Sweetpotato, Courgette and Cherry tomatoes with Scrabbled Eggs

  1. Cut up all the veg you want to roast. I wanted courgettes and sweet potato as that is what I had just harvested from the garden. Also added in some cherry tomatoes as I love the taste of them.
  2. Steam the spinach or cooked it in some fresh homemade garlic butter ( yummy)
  3. Scrabble the eggs then then dish up and season as you want.
  4. As you usually I just sprinkled on some salt and pepper.
I hope that you have enjoyed this new type of post that I have included.Just wanted to share what my week  of food normally looks likes. Being vegetarian can be hard  to get in all your proteins but I always try with every meal. The fact that I am anaemic and I love gardening and eating veg really helps as well. Let me know if you want to see more of these and I will continue sharing my meals with y'all.
I will talk to y'all soon 
Love Issie 



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