Saturday, 22 August 2015


Datenight Gatecrash
My friend Chichi and her boyfriend Valentine had a date night last week and I think they felt sorry for me as they actually invited me to join them. Third wheel I hear you say but surprisingly not. It was a fun date night between friends and thank you Chichi and V for taking me out.
We couldn't actually decide where we wanted to eat since I was craving Oriental and Chichi was feeling italian or Proper english food as she put it to me. And V just wanted us to make a decision already. We walked past Wildwood and and as we were discussing how it was new and wondering whether the food was a nice a couple came out and raved about what they had just eaten so we died why not GIVE IT A GO.
I loved  both my starter and my main. Arghh just looking at the pictures is making me hungry again. For starter I had baked Brie with honey, garlic and hazelnuts and to say it was to die for is not giving it enough justice. I would go back just for this.
Baked Brie with honey, hazelnut and roasted garlic
Chichi had calamari with garlic mayo though I have to note that she was not too impressed with both her main and her started.
I love cheese and hallumi cheese in particular, I also love mushrooms so put these together to make me a burger and it was going to be a fast favourite of mine. The only thing missing from this meal was sweet potato fries rather than these white potato ones but otherwise 8/10 for this.
Mushroom and Hallumi Burger with fries
Wild Boar Burger with Fries
Classic  Hamburger Burger with Friends 
Unfortunately both the wild boar and the cheese burger were a let down but I was secretly happy since I thought the poor dead animals were having their own sweet sweet revenge on the humans who were daring to eat them after their slaughter. I have to say though the restaurant itself has been furnished so lovely and it strangely reminded me of something you would find in the states or perhaps london not nottingham.
After a somewhat mediocre meal we decided to walk off the food and go somewhere for drinks and maybe some entertainment of some sort. We made our way to Canal house down by the old canals and sat down had a few drinks and listening to what turned out to actually be a good live singer . I wish I would remember his twitter account to share but alas my age is finally affecting my memory.
Outfit details : Top- Primark (Similar) Jeans- Topshop, Bag- LV, Sunglasses- HM (Similar)

I hope you have all been having a lovely week. I am in London this weekend to catch up with some friends but also for some job interviews so god willing I will be moving back here really soon.

I love y'all and I will speak to y'all soon
Love Issie 

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