Thursday, 10 September 2015

The Bloggers Hangout:BLFW

Fashion week is right around the corner and Danielle from The Blogger hangout invited me to BLFW. It was my first Blogger Hangout event and it was such fun  that I can't wait for the next event.

 With Love Lilly
I was really excited to meet these two lovely ladies. They are a mother, daughter team and I can't wait to order a lace bra, bralet from them. With Love lilly was right up my alley since I have wanted a bra like this but having GG sized boobs has meant that it been just a dream rather than a reality.

How amazing does she look. In a sea of black she really stood out and I want that vintage jacket so much.
 I am writing this 3 days after getting nails my nails done by the lovely Sophie. She used the new BarryM Turbo Charged speedy dry polish which was a fantastic fire engine red. Three days later even after working and digging around my allotment, it hasn't chipped yet and its still looking as shinny and glam as it did at the event. I really want to try the New Grey colour as well. At just £3.99 as well, there is nothing stopping me at all.

 There were two fashions shows and have to be honest the clothes showed were not my style though, I fell in love with this Black dress. My cousins engagement party is coming up, and so I am on the look out for a dress to wear. Help me out if you find anything out there please.
 Bee Venom = No more Botox ladies. Kirsty got me too excited to try out the Deborah Mitchell line guys and once I have given it a proper go I will definitely be sharing with y'all my thoughts. I am definably one of those girls who believes in prevention rather than alleviation after all. 

 I have received samples from True Brit London and I am so excited to try them. The brand and the packaging is amazing and has a strong British style and also has a luxury feel to it. Watch this space as there is a lovely taupey nude that I can't wait to try it.
 How cute is the packaging from the Paul & Joe range.

 I think the highlight of the night was meeting some really cool awesome bloggers. I met up with JADE . I have been following her blog and talking to her online and meeting her was like seeing a friend I haven't seen in a while. Though I was in such a hurry to make it to Wicked that we didn't really have enough time to talk. 
 Met these lovely bloggers/ Youtuber and they were so funny  especially Amelia so be sure to check them out.
Chinwe and A not so impressed Victoria.
I had managed to convince my friend Chinwe and her sister Victoria to come to the event with me and whilst there we met Beth James . I spent the day with Beth and it was so lovely catching up with another blogger and just having fun. Going to these events can cause some social anxiety since your normally don't know anyone and the prospect of getting up and starting a conversation can be a bit nerve racking.  

We finished off the day with some Wagamamas, my favourite place after Alley Cafe. Going to BLFW was amazing as I got to meet people I normally wouldn't and got to meet some pretty fantastic brands that I am excited to look more into. Overall it was a lovely day but the evening was the best when I
 got to watch Wicked.!

I will talk to y'all soon 

Love Issie



  1. what camera do you use? Your pictures are amazing, looks like a lot of fun. We should follow each other?

  2. what camera do you use? Your pictures are amazing, looks like a lot of fun. We should follow each other?

    1. Hi. Thank you and yes I love supporting other bloggers and having new blogs to read so would love that. I use a canon d700.xo


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