Monday, 14 September 2015


Wicked Wicked Wicked

My lovely friend Lashashay surprised me with tickets to see wicked. Wicked is one of my favourite musicals after The Lion King. And even after  seeing it 8 times I still love it and I find new bits that have a different meaning to me. Seriously guys if you have never seen a musical you need to make Wicked one of your first if you can.

In order to understand the brilliance that is wicked , you have to ask yourself could a play thats about political propaganda, racism , ethnic cleansing, peer pressure, animal cruelty and official corruption be still getting sold out eights times a week for 9 years running. No? Well this one has and its still going to keep in going strong.
Wicked is a blockbuster, and a breathtaking experience. the songs are unbelievable  and the decor and costumes  are out outstanding. For that two and a half hours it felt like being transported into the land of Oz.
Me and Garlinda (Savannah Stevenson)
Elphaba (Emma Hutton)
The leads as Glinda (Savannah Stevenson) and Elphaba (Emma Hutton) were competent and though Emma Hutton is no Idina Menzel her acting was good and her singing amazing. I got shivers at the end of the first act. Defying Gravity. Stevenson was especially effective as Glinda. Getting to meet the cast after the musical was a highlight and getting my ticket signed by them all the cherry on top.

Have you guys seen Wicked? What did you think of it and what is your favourite Musical?

I will talk to y'all soon

Love Issie 



  1. I've always wanted to go see this play! Looks like a lot of fun

    1. Omg if you ever get the chance then you so should. It's one of my favourite and if I could g see it again to day I would. Xo


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