Friday, 30 October 2015

Second Chance

This is really hard for me to share especially seeing as how its not even my story but at this moment in time I need to feel as if I am helping and I wanted to reach out and talk to you guys. You never know where that help that my family is desperately praying for could come from.
My youngest brother Didier was diagnosed with nephrotic syndrome when he was just twelve years old. After months of testing and seeing him weaken before our eyes we finally knew what was wrong with him. Ok, I thought modern medicine is at a point now that there is a treatment if not cure for most diseases but unfornntely this wasn't to be for my little brother.  

We were told that whilst there was nothing they could do to stop the disease they could slow down the degenerative powers of it but within the next ten years he would be looking for a new kidney and or be needing dialysis. Fast forward eight years and now aged 20 my little brother whom I remember being a cheeky chappy and always following me around and needing my help once again needs it but this time there is not much I can do for him.

He needs a new kidney and I can't give that to him as I am not a suitable match. What is hard is seeing him try to be strong and not even want to ask those around us for a kidney since he says its too much to ask someone. But for me its not. I have no pride when it comes to my siblings  and am willing to do anything for them. If you have ever thought about organ donation then please get in touch with me. Me and my whole family would be forever grateful. For the majority of his young life ( and I mean young as he has just turned 20) my Didier has had to live a limited life. Whether is being limited to just 1.5 litres of any sort of liquid a day or even having to cut out any sort of potassium and sodium from his diet. I complain a lot about there not being options for vegetarians and gluten free foods in restaurant but at least there is some options. But for Didier going out has meant having to see if they are will to make things from fresh. No spices or sauces for him! Just plain, since one stupid mistake could lead to Anasarca and set him back.

His life for the past eight years has been a series of hospitable visits, drug trials and hoping and praying for a miracle. We were recently told that now the miracle is praying for a kidney. His kidneys are now at 13% function and he has started dialysis as well. He needs a second chance at life guys, he needs a kind stranger to do the most selfless thing and donate an organ. Kidneys are an essential organ  as they help filter waste products from the blood and regulate blood pressure, electrolyte balance and this is whats seriously scares me the most . If they fail to remove potassium from the Blood stream (which Didiers don't) it can lead to abnormal heart rhythms and sudden death.

I am not ready to lose my Little brother and I don't think I will ever be but what I am ready to do is fight for him. Please share this post and do not hesitate to get in touch with me if there is any information you want or if you are that kind, amazing, generous person that we are currently praying for and you think you could possible give my brother a second chance at life .
Sharing this has been really hard for me and I just want to ask you all to keep Didier in your prayers and to share his story as well and lets see if we can give him the second chance that he needs in life.
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I love y'all and I will speak to ya soon


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