Monday, 23 November 2015

Christmas Designer Wish List

I think that as we grown, our tastes, wants and needs evolve to suit the person that we become. Its only now that I am in my 20s ( Its hurts me to say that) that I am starting to listen to myself and learn about myself.  Rather than buying a multitude of things that are cheap and easily damaged, I now like to invest in some nice pieces that yes cost more but are also things that will last me years to come. And when it comes to gifts its no different.
Christmas Wish List

 This year I am in first 'proper' adult job sine finishing with education and I am still broke!! All those student loans are not going to pay themselves off after all. Buy i have decided to treat myself if at all possible to something special if I am able to. Either for Christmas or for my Birthday and if I am a really lucky girl for both. I wanted to share my wish list with you just in case it gives some ideas of what to get people for christmas/Birthdays this year.

1.Chanel Card Holder with silver hardware.
 Arghh I have wanted to get my hands on a Chanel bag for so long and I lost my vintage Chanel inspired bag recently so I think my hunger for one is fresher. Since I seriously don't have the money though, I think this is the perfect perfect way for me to own Chanel without breaking the bank.
I love sunglasses and probably have one in every handbag. Strange I know since I live in Sunny England but what can I say. I am a collector. Although now I have promised myself not to buy anymore and rather save for these amazing Acne ones or the  ones.
I love the simplicity of Cos and their Coats are just to die for.The dream right now is for me to own one so... Pretty please with a cherry on top?
I seriously never used to get the hype about Jo Malone. I love Perfumes and Candles as much as the next girl but spending that much on them was just unthinkable to me. That is until I smelt Pomegranate Noir. Now I simply must have it.
I recently got back into the habit of printing off my pictures and scrapbooking and just think this would be a fun little number to have.

And there you have it guys.My top five Christmas Wish list this year and hopefully some gift ideas as well. Although for me I look at the list as a savings goals. I love working towards something and when I have a list like this its makes life so much easier. SO WHAT are you guys currently saving towards? And I don't mean big things like a house and Holiday cos aren't we all?.

I hope you have enjoyed reading about my wants. I will talk to y'all soon and love ya.

Issie xox


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