Thursday, 10 December 2015


I can't believe that my mama sita is leaving me and moving back to Brunei today. Its been a whirl wind meeting her and getting to know her. Angie is one of a kind and a force to be reckoned with. I remember meeting her on my first day of law school. I was a lost soul having just arrived from Africa and already missed the first few days of law school and she was already an "experienced know it all".
Without her help I might just have failed Solicitors Accounts. She is fab and even on our good buy date, even though she was the one leaving me she bought me these gorgeous followers which included my favourites lilies but unfortunately for me I am allergic and so can't enjoy them.

Yep, even though we should both be avoiding gluten at the moment for some reasons we choose to go pizza express for our last supper. I am defiantly not experimental at all as you can tell I  just stuck to my margarita and I actually managed to finish about 2/3 which for me and pizza was an accomplishment.
Is it just me or does it get harder to let people in and make true new friends the older we get. Thats why its important to take timeout sometimes to appreciate the people around and the friends you have. Those relationships like another take time and work and you have to remember to make time for them otherwise you soon out grow or just simply forget each other. For me, I think at at age 24 I am so jaded and no longer as trusting as I was when I was younger that for me to fully open up and let you in you have to be someone special and Angie you definitely were girl. I can't wait to come to Brunei for the wedding girl and make sure you face time me in for the wedding dress try on.

I love y'all and I will speak to y'all soon.

Issie xox


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