Sunday, 20 December 2015

I blame it on Insta

Christmas At Nando

Did I mention how much I love christmas cos if I haven't then, Guys I live for Christmas. For some reason as well I feel that people are a lot nicer and much more giving. Take last week when me and Chichi went out for dinner. 

We are those weird people who go to three different restaurant for their starter, main and dessert. I mean why settle for something if you don't want to right. So the starter was my choice and for me it was an easy one. Alley Cafe for their nachos all the way sister. But unfortunately for this instant, for the first time in almost 8 years they burnt my food. But with a smile, a complaint and a fresh new order  of perfect nachos I was a happy girl again. Then to top of my evening they even gave us free take away desserts.I with my gluten issues chose this delicious gluten free cocoa and chai vegan brownie.
We then went to Nandos for the main. I know what you are thinking. Whats a nice vegetarian like you doing in chicken slaughter land? Well I blame it on youtube/Insta. I kept seeing  the quinoa salad advertised everywhere and since it uses some of my favs: Avocado, Hallumni, Chick Peas and Quinoa. I thought it would be a winner. But ohh was I ever wrong. Its was simply disgusting. Everything just fell flat. No balsamic glaze ( I asked), The tomatoes where not fresh, nor was the salad and the cheese tasted cheap. I wish I had not wasted my time and money but at least Chichi enjoyed her 10 Chicken
After the not so delicious meal I wasn't feeling like going to our third choice for dessert so instead we hit up the christmas markets and had mulled one by the ice skating rink. It was a perfect ending to a not so perfect christmas date and after several glasses of mulled wine. Everything felt right with the world.
You know when you have that female bestie with whom you are extremely close with. So much so that even your periods are in sync. Well chi is that girl so much so that we are even now starting to dress alike and wear our makeup similarly. #TWINIES

I can't believe that its now 5 days until christmas guys. Omg I SO excited. So much so that I might try my very own #Blogmas until the 25th. A blog post everyday until then.

I will hopefully catching you all tomorrow. But for now , hope you are having an amazing Sunday. I am off to bed since I have to wakeup at 6am.

I will talk to y'all soon.
Love Issie 


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