Thursday, 28 January 2016

Get Motivated...

Its fast approaching the end of the month and already I find myself wondering where has January gone. I cant believe that the month is nearly over and I have even now gotten used to saying and writing 2016.I thought today I would share with you all ways that help me stay motivated. I was speaking to my friend Lucy who is currently doing the LPC and struggling with it and she like me is struggling with having the motivation to do what needs to be done.
So here are five way/things that help keep me motivated.Its that time of the year and we all need a little help: wether its carrying on with the job search or even just our new years resolution.

                                               Make a list

I love making lists and I find that when I make a list at the beginning of the week of the things I need to  do that week it really does keep me motivated. If you want to be anal like me then you can also make one for everyday with a tick box next to it and  believe you will get so addicted to seeing a tick you will want to do more to have more to tick

                                              Motivational Music

Music can really make a difference when you are feeling down in the dumps or even just tired. If I am needing inspiration and working on a blog post or TC applications, then I generally tend to listen to my one love Nick Drake. He is was an amazing Folk singer who was incredible talented. Him , Ed Sheeran and Adele have a way of just making me connect to their music and that in it self motivates me. They were  successful at such young ages that I remind myself that in order to succeed one must put in the work.
If on the other hand I am wanting to go for a walk or gym then I listen to more upbeat music to get my energy levels high. I find that if I play the music really loudly as well, it can make a difference to.


I love yoga and try  to do some everyday whether its just a simply Vinyasa flow sequence or even a full 45 boot camp (Thank you Yoga with Adrienne) it really does make a difference to my day . I think  I have spoken about this before on the blog but I take 20 mins every evening to pray, mediate and just reflect on how my days has gone. Things I can do difference the next day and things I want to try and leave behind as well. 

                                                 Start Small

Sometimes when you look at the list of job/ things that have to be done, that in itself can fast deplete your self confidence but I find that if you start small and take each task individually you will soon work through it all. Take the weekend for me, If its the weekend I often go to the allotment in the morning then maybe run errands and then go to the gym and when I have time after coming home I work through what's left. If you really don't feel like doing something, starting with something small and working your way up can also help.

                                                Toughest First

This is going to look like a direct contradiction to the one above but its the one that motivates me the most. I tend to do the toughest jobs first (Cleaning the house) and this help ease my worries and anxiety and  also helps me feel relaxed. I then tell myself that all I have left to do is my easy feel good tasks like taking blog pictures
I know I said five but I just wanted to add this last one. Try to motivate yourself, by rewarding yourself when you have done good work. It could just be a simple glass of wine or a movie or that dress/ bag you have had your eye on. You work hard and deserve a break now and then.
Hope this helps y'all and I would love to hear ways that you get yourself motivated and ready for the week/day.
I will talk to y'all soon
Love Issie



  1. Great post and blog :)

    1. Thank you Rachel. I love yours as well. So chic and stylish :)

  2. Great Post. Lovely Blog. Really loving your blog.
    Keep in touch. xoxox

    1. Thank you Hina..

      Come over to your blog to visit :)

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    With love.

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