Friday, 22 January 2016

New Love..

I love thrifting so much and when I came across this coat I knew I was going to be taking it home with me. Just as I was about to pay £10, the lovely lady working there told me it was half price off and so I managed to swag this amazing  100% pure new wool for £5. It still had it tags in as well so no one had even worn it. 2016 is looking like a good year already.

Hat- H&M(Similar), Jumper- Asos, Trousers- Topshop, Shoes- Zara (Similar), Watch- Daniel Wellington, Rings-Pandora, Sunglasses- Asos.
I love wearing black with camel so much and I didn't know how much I was missing this coat until I finally had it in my wardrobe. It has not left my shoulders since I had it dry cleaned. For the UK, 2016 had brought along with it ice snowy days and this new love oF mine manages to keep me warm whilst still looking stylish and I have had so many compliments.Yass girl Yaaassss
Camel Coats go with so much and though I have never been a blue jean girl I am on the hunt for some to style with my new love.

Anyways, as I type this its gone past midnight and this working girl has to get up at 5.30 to go into work so I will talk tot y'all later

Love Issie


  1. Perfect camel coal!! I also love the leopard details of the shoes and the glasses!! Great outifit!


    1. Thank you darling. I wasn't sure if it was too match matchy but Love that you share my vision.

      Love Issie

  2. Hi there, just stopping by to wish you a lovely weekend! <3

    x Isabelle | Outfit Van De Dag
    Facebook Page *Click*

    1. aww, just seeing this now Isabelle But i hope you had a fabulous weekend as well. xo

  3. I love how you combine your outfits! love the shoes :)


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