Sunday, 28 February 2016

LFW: The Blogger Hangout

So as y'all know last weekend was London Fashion Week and the lovely Danielle from the blogger hangout organised a little gifting suite for bloggers to come hangout, catch up with old and new up and coming brands. Since I was planning on going to London anyway I decided that I should stop by and just catch up with other blogger.

There were some pretty amazing brands there and this year unlike last there was also a lot of healthy food brands. Unlike some of the girls I meant this actually made me super excited as I love discovering new Healthy brands. Upon walking in, there weIre these two guys who were doing rice and fish. Being vegetarian I didn't even register them but  kept hearing people talk about how amazing the food was so I thought I would go and just ask them what their brand was about.I was pleasantly surprised that they had some vegetarian options as well and the roasted yellow beetroot was simply to die for. Arghh can't wait until they release their ready prepared food. For a working girl on the go like me having easy healthy options is always a plus.
Cocktail Mania- Omg my God. This girl Nina is the true definition of a mixologist. The cocktails that she makes are just divine and they were so good that I just kept going back for more. So much so that I left with a buzz. She makes the drinks and you can order them to your house and have nice cocktails with your girls or even by your lonely self. Guilty of that so no judgement here.

 Another company there was Ark which is a skin care company that is a little different from others.They have products for different ages groups. Our skin changed as we get older and the products that we would have used when we were 20 are not the same as those that we need to use at the age of 50. I received the Pro cleanse but as my skin is currently suffering from a eczema breakout I am not going to try anything new until it settles down as I don't want to aggravate it so wait for a detailed review soon.
Arghh this in the food department was probably the winner. The brains behind the company was there as well and talking to him and finding out that the reason he thought of it was because as a child he missed out on eating certain food since he was intolerant really resonated with me and made me feel really connected to his company and the ethos behind it. I was excited to try the Raw gorilla munchies as they were 100%vegan and raw as well. I have been a vegetarian since I was about 7 and have been tinckering with the idea of going vegan for a while now. These honestly make the best snack and are not too bad for you as well. They are sweet and kind of nutty without being sickly at all and even as I write this I am snacking on my pack that I took home. Thank you so much Fraser for the work you do.
 Fraser also introduced me to magical Tiger nuts. They are the new super food and Raw Gorilla are the first cereal in the UK to use them. I have tried the Raw Original Crispies and with some Almond milk its simply divine. Not only is it gluten free, as it contains tiger nuts its high in iron potassium , magnesium vitamin c and e AND for me this means thats its probably going to become a stample.All their products are Sprouted, Plantbased, Paleo and Organic :)
 Artisan Ice Pops and Poptails.
I had one of their poptails and for being so small, it was surprisingly strong and tastey.
 Moringa- Miracle Tree .I will be doing a full review on these as they are so good and I have been trying them with my mum and she is demanding I tell her where she can get more. This would make a fantastic birthday present for someone who likes their teas or even a fantastic mothers day gift as well.
 Pura Vida- I loved speaking to the lady behind this brand. She was friends with the owner and her stories of living in Goa made me want to quite my job and do as much travelling as is possible. The Raw bread was amazing. I tried the Onion whilst at the event and walked around with onion breathe a bit. Opps but wasn't too fussed as it was so nice. I am planning on having the broccoli one with some Homemade hummous so keep an eye out for that recipe. They also had some juices which I have to admit are an acquired taste. I took home the cherry for my dad to try for his gout and I will keep you updated on this but so far he seems to love it.
 Popkakery- Amazing gluten free popkakes. You simply have to try the cookies and cream one as its too die for. They also do amazing gift ideas where you can get a personnel message on the cakes and who doesn't appreciate a cheeky naught but healthy treat. My birthday is next month and I already know were I would love to get my cake from.
 Its was so nice meeting new friends like Silver and also catching up with Shanté whom some of you might remember from way back when here on the blog.Be sure to check them all out as well as the other ladies I met. Chichi, Zina, Rachel, Sade, Drea and show them some love guys. :) If you have also tried any or some of the brands mentioned, let me know what you thought.
 Kingston Reunion. Lawyer and Blogger- Yasss queen!!
 Shante and Sade- Doing what bloggers do best :)
 Me and Zina had to get into the act as well.
 I am currently trying out these goodies and a few others that I have kindly being sent and so be sure to keep an eye out as i might just do  a month food favourite.

I will talk to y'all soon

Love Issie 




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