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Marrakech is a breathtakingly beautiful city that boasts a rich culture. I find that it has something to offer for every traveler, from fantastic museums(The one at Jardin Majorelle was pretty educational as well) to seemingly endless markets. Having just visited the city for the first time I thought i would share a few things that as a Marrakech virgin you should know.

1. Stay Away from Stranger that offer you a Tour.
The people are lovely and very welcoming and as they like to say looking is free.But beware the guides offering to take you around the markets. They take you to shops and when you do not buy anything the shop keepers quickly become angry and things can get awkward.

2. Wear more conservative clothes. 
A women visiting Marrakech should pay attention to how she dresses. Although its hot and tempting to wear revealing clothes, it will cause unwanted attention from the locals ( Although to some its very much wanted I guess) and if you understand the language you will hear lots of frightening words. That being said I saw a lot of women in Marrakech wearing short sleeved tops and skin tight body con dress with exposed shoulders. 

3. There is a lot of Traffic. 
People, mopeds, bicycles, donkeys and even horse drawn carriages. You won't find any footpaths or labels and although there are a few traffic lights I never did understand how they worked since no one followed them.

4. If you love quite cities then you will have to adjust a little bit with Marrakech. 
You will probably get a headache for the first few days after wondering around the city all day, But make sure that you have a raid or private apartment away from the buys city which will provide an oasis for you.

5. Its easy to get lost there.
 Although, I am happy to report that I didn't have any issues  the whole time I was there. But be aware that there are numerous tiny streets that have no ends and they all look the same. 

6. Speaking French is a big help. 
The local people will all try to take you for all you have. You should not be paying more that 50 dirhams wherever you go via Taxi. I finally merged to bring it down to 25 dirhams AFTER about 4 days of being ripped off.

7.You will need more cash that you think.
Marrakech has so much to offer and its will all soon add up. From the magical hike up Ourika Valley, to Quad biking , visiting Jardin Majorelle, Hamman and Gommage experience, to shopping. Marrakech may not be an expensive city for locals, but as a tourist you will have to pay more money for everything. If you can haggles then its great and the locals will love it as well. Just ensure that you are  getting a price that is fair to both of you.

8. Visit the Jamal El Fna
It lives up tot he hype.  It hasn't changed much in the past 100 years from looking at the pictures. I didn't think that it would and But it very much comes alive around 6pm, with a theatrical performance everywhere you turn. Beware pick pockets though and the people coming around collecting money for the events going on. They are argumentative and want about 5 pounds per person for just standing there and watching. Stay firm and say no and give how much you want to give.

9. Explore explore explore.
Dont just stay within the hotel compound or in you villa. Go out and discover all that Marrakech has to offer. You will not be disappointed.

10. Expect to have holidays blues even whilst the holiday is not over.
Everything in Marrakech is so vibrate and exiting and just thinking about my return to work the next day had me shed a tear when no one was around to watch.

Marrakech is a spectacular city that i think everyone should visit at least once in their lifetime. Even though marrakech is incredibly tourist friendly there are a few mistakes that one will make but try not to worry to much and just enjoyed you visit. It will be over faster that you think.

I hope you enjoyed reading some of my travel trips and let me know what cities you have visited and loved so much you had to recommend. 

I will talk to y'all later.

Love Issie



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