Monday, 28 March 2016

Ourika Valley...

I don't know what is it about me but whenever I admit to liking the outdoors people always act so surprised and shocked. I mean can a girl not be outdoorsy and fashionable at the same time.
Surprise surprise people I even like camping and I have an allotment.

The day before my 25th birthday we had the opportunity to hike up the atlas mountain and go to Ourika Valley. Now Vanessa who was travelling with us is actually scared of heights  but none of us realised just how much until we were about half way through and she started to shake and cry.

I was so proud that she continued on and reached the end and ohh was it worth it. I think Morroco and Marrakech in particular is unique in that when you are landing, all you see is dessert and then you suddenly see the mountain tops covered in snow. Well no words can describe it really. I thought I would at least try though with some picture taken on the hike.
Before we started the hike, our driver took us to a herb garden guest house at the bottom of the mountain were we enjoyed some traditional tea and got our first proper look at Ourika Valley. its beautiful beyond words and I wish I had the money to build or buy a holiday home there because its stolen my heart and I don't even want it back.

There were some local artisans scattered around the hike trail and when we came across this one and  I saw an Elephant we simply had to stop so I could bring one home with me. I love elephants and seeing as how  they are also my spirit animal I can never resist them in any shape or form. I also got to go behind the stall and see how they make it and its definitely an art form.

The hike up Ourika Valley was deeply nutritious for my body, mind heart and soul. The beautifully preserved mountains and fresh air gave me time to stop and think about my life and how significate / insignificant certain things are. It help me evaluate where I have come from, where I am today and were I want to go as well.

Hope you are enjoying my travel series and I will catch y'all later.

Love Issie 




  1. In Morocco, guests will appreciate an incredible chance to find a considerable number of awesome normal spaces that are a product of its imperative geological position, which brings about a huge differences. One single visit to this nation will absolutely not be sufficient to see all these wonderful common landmarks, among which valleys mirror this mystical assortment.

  2. adorei as fotos : )
    já estou te seguindo, eu também tenho um blog se quiser conhecer ficarei muito feliz, bjs

  3. A summary of the main areas of Morocco associated with mountain tourism. The article includes the major trekking regions plus areas where you can practice other adventure sports.

  4. We are glad to hear you had an amazing time on our Day Excursion to Ourika valley. It's a beautiful place to spend some time in when you visit Morocco


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