Thursday, 3 March 2016

The Capsule Wardrobe...

A few years ago I really started to get into the idea of slow fashion. Having a blog forced me to realise how materialistic I was and me and I can remember that even in high school me and my friends often joked about how I could wear a different outfit for a month and never repeat clothes. I had all these clothes but often found myself with nothing to wear. After looking out my outfits and the items of clothing I had in my wardrobe I decided to adopt an open wardrobe type of set up.
Being forced to see look at my clothes everyday made me realise I didn't want to live like that and fast fashion wasn't for me.To cut a long story short, I simply never looked back. I started focusing on clothes on a more detail oriented way. Looking at pieces with regards to their versatility rather than fashionability..(Might have made up that word)

This past year and even this January all across my social media it seems that people have become interested in the idea of living simply and extending that into their fashion as well. The idea of having a few simple key strong pieces which are interchangeable and versatile is growing and I could be happier.

We live in a very materialistic and product pushed world and for me personally its been amazing seeing the simple movement getting attention recently. With todays materialism mentality its amazing that young people are starting to realise it and deciding to change this. For those of you who are wanting to change their lifestyles then I thought i would share with y'all ways to build up your own "capsule wardrobe".

1) Choose no more than 5 colours including 3 neutrals.

I am quite good at this one since I naturally ten to gravitate towards the charcoal greys and blacks. I do normally tend to stick to more monochromatic looks but I have loved adding some new colours in my wardrobe. This season has been accents of burgundy and navy blue.

2)Try not to buy too many Trend pieces.

Yes I know you want to be fashionable but remember that trends are ever changing and you do not want to invite a lot of money into an item of clothing that you will probably not wear next season.. Having style is so much better as its personal and classic and once you find your style its revolutionary.

3) Have more Tops than Bottoms

Ok so  this one might be dependant on the person but for me having more tops than bottoms works better. I have some statement trousers as well (African Print) that I love to wear with basics neutral tops.

4)Shop For outfits

Rather than buying something because you simply love it, think about what outfits you can create with it using the prices already in your wardrobe. When in doubt bring home your purchase ad try it with your current clothing. If it doesn't work, take it back for a refund. If you are unsure keep it for a month and if you haven't worn it within that time, you never will. And its bye bye clothes.

5)Mix High and Low End purchases.

Remember that this is not a must but if you have the money to invest in some more expensive luxury pieces (its could even be zara instead of primark) then do it. Mix high and low end purchases to get a unique look. Make sure they fit though and then they will look expensive automatically.

6)Use accessories including sunglasses, scarfs and jewellery to change up a look completely and remember to have fun and experiment. Its not going to hurt anyone and shopping your wardrobe is so much fun.
Since condensing down my wardrobe, getting ready is so much simpler and I swear it actually takes me less than 15 mins everyday to plan out my outfits. All my pieces of clothing match and I am always so excited to to mix and match.

Let me know how you guys get on and I will talk to y'all soon

Love ya
Issie xox

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