Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Hiding your Pregnancy

What do you put on when you have over indulged over the Christmas Period and are constantly worrying that someone will mistaken your food baby for an actual baby. Why an oversized jumpsuit off course.
I have featured this jumpsuit here before but I simply had to share as its the best thing to chuck on and 'let it all hang out'.Its extremely comfortable and I like to wear mine with turtle neck in winter and with a t-shit in the summer. If I had a smaller chest I would probably rock it on its own with some Birkenstocks. 

I have to say though this jumpsuit for some reasons decided the sexes. Its is the ultimate man repellant outfit. Whenever I wear it all the girls love and complement me on it whereas the guys.. well lets just say my brother always jokes about how I am not only dressed like an over grown child but I look like I am rocking a dirty nappy from the back. TMI?

To smarten it up, I paired it with my ASOS brogues and my long thrifted oversized navy blue wool coat. I love how the different textures mix with each other  as well. A well kept secret when dressing   in all back is to mix your textures. Patent, leather wool and silk makeup this outfit and I always find that by mixing them all up  it gives my boring outfit a little something extra.  Although the  outfit itself is simply, chuck on a pair of sunnies and you look like you have made more effort than you have.

What are your thoughts on oversized jumpsuits. Leave them in your childhood ? Or are you like me and can't imagine life without a pair.

I will talk to y'all soon

Issie xox



  1. that blue coat looks great on you x

  2. You hide it well! The glasses look cool too

  3. Looks like Paris, the shades make you look mysterious

  4. Wow, you can't tell at all in that look!

  5. Love the style, the city back drop also - great!!

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