Monday, 10 April 2017


So it was my birthday last Sunday and I am now officially in my late 20's. I can't believe that I am 26. I always do a birthday trip for my birthday and this year I decided that I wanted to do something active and different.
Since I have never been to Wales before and people are always telling me how nice wales is I decided to book a cottage and visit for the weekend.  I also had the great idea to climb up Snowdon. Even if it was going to be a wet, misty and miserable day I wanted to feel that I had accomplished something on the day I turned 26.
So on Sunday morning we all woke up nice and early and made the one hour drive from LLanuwchllyn to the base of the Snowdonia Mountain. The roads in wales are something else I have to say. They are winding and one can never tell the difference between the A roads and B roads. We had been advised to get there as early as we could since it can get really busy on the mountain.
We parked our car and started our climb at 8.30am. There are numerous trails for all abilities and on the day we were warned that the more complex ones were not advisable since there was low visibility  and it was really icy and so the proper equipment would be needed. To make the most of our climb we decided to take the moderate routes and take one to the top and come down on a different trail.
We decided to take the Miners trail  up  since it was easier terrain. 20 mins into the climb it was pouring it down and the mist had moved in as well. By the time we got to the top I was regretting not preparing more since I had not brought any gloves with me. I was drench and covered in mud from when I had to hold onto the side of the mountain saying a little prayer just in-case this was it.
Unfortunately for us the views from the top where not as good as they could have been since it was raining so much and the mist had settled in by then.
Coming back we took the Pyg Track back down the mountain. This was much more rugged and challenging. Its was not until we got to the bottom that we were informed that it is extremely dangerous and should not be attempted by novice walkers. The best part of the day was arriving home to a nice fire and having the warmest shower.
Overall wales was amazing and there people there so nice and welcoming. I tried to pick up some welsh but all I  can remember is Diolch and Helo.
This trip has kick started something in me and has made me want to attempt the highest mountain in Scotland and England so watch this space guys.
Have you climbed Snowdon? or been to wales and what others places would you recommend that I visit in the UK?.
Spring is finally here and I have seen the first blossoms of the year so I hope to start taking more blogs pictures as well for you guys.
I will talk to y'all soon.
Love Issie






  1. Nice post, like it very much! :)
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  2. Lovely house in one of the photos, so English!

    1. Yes the scenery there was beautiful. I could have taken millions of pictures but you just have to stop and appreciate it.

  3. That scenery is stunning, how do I go there?

    1. Hi Minesh...

      You just need to get in car and drive to wales. Its so beautiful over there.

  4. Beautiful surroundings, I could imagine Sheep and animals running around the hills!

  5. Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. It was so beautiful there that I am planning on going back again this summer when its a bit warmer. I think the views will be phenomenal.

  6. Love these pics! These scenery is amazing!


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